Monday, 6 May 2013


These healthy home made protein bars have no refined sugars and are Vegan. I have made numerous batches of these but usually with egg and agave syrup. But after experimenting, these actually turned out very tasty with a slight cookie soft centre....

The vegan blend I use contains approx 22g of protein per serving, with pea, brown rice and hemp. I used the unflavoured for this recipe. 

The chia seeds contain 6.3g of protein and the oats 4g per serving. So each bar contains approx 7g protein per serving. Not the highest but much more natural quality than from the high street. Your stomach can only digest so much protein in one go. You really don't need 40, or 30, or probably even 20g of protein per meal to keep your protein synthesis humming along.

The combination of the proteins, omegas from the chia seeds, good fats and oats will provide a sustained energy release whilst gym training, post run or when a quick, healthy 'fast food' snack is needed on the go! 

Even cocoa powder acts as a slight stimulant and is an alternative to caffeine.

60g Fine Oats/Ground Flaxseed
30g Brown Rice Flour/Almond Flour
60g Vegan Protein Blend
2x tbs Chia Seeds
1x tbs Cocoa Powder (without sugar)
1x tbs Truvia (Stevia leaf sweetener) or Xylitol Sweetener
2x tbs Coconut Oil
1x tbs Raw Honey
50g Dates (chopped)
50ml Coconut water
Pinch baking powder
Pinch salt

Stevia Leaf extract. Three times sweeter than sugar and all natural

Add all the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl with the chopped dates and chia seeds. Then add the oil, coconut water, honey and Truvia. Mix with a tablespoon until a thick doughy texture, adding splash more water if needed. 

(For no sugar no grain and lower carbohydrate options, remove the dates, coconut water and honey. Use almond flour and ground flaxseed instead)

Grease a square baking tray with coconut oil and pre-heat oven to 175c.

Spread the mixture until smooth and flat, then place in the oven until browned off golden, test with a knife if the centre has set. Usually about 30 minutes approx.

Once cooled cut into squares and keep in an air tight container preferably in the fridge.

I hope you enjoy!