Monday, 19 August 2013


When we think of salads we picture a healthy living lifestyle, or for some, rabbit food or just a side salad! 

Do not be fooled. Salads make a fantastic filling meal with the correct ingredients, during the summer months our bodies need plenty of hydration and vegetables are in full season, so take advantage of that. Salads also are super quick and easy to make in minutes. 

'Fast healthy food'.

Salad leaves are full of vital nutrients and vitamins the body is screaming out for after a long day at work or training. Seeds, avocado and beans contain proteins, minerals and fats vital for a healthy metabolism. Without fats in the diet the body cannot burn fat as a fuel source.

Toward the end of the day your metabolism starts to slow and is ready for sleep. So the last thing your stomach is asking for is a large heavy meal of starchy grains and carbohydrates. The body cannot burn those excess calories whilst sleeping so why would you stuff yourself silly then go to bed. 

Think of vibrant colours and taste when making a salad. Italian bistro salad of shard, spinach, rocket with olives and feta added. Using virgin olive oils and seeds as dressings. 

Or salad Nicoise containing tuna, black olives and cherry tomatoes over romaine lettuce. Use olive oils mixed with either balsamic or apple cider vinegar as dressings. 

The great thing with salads is it suits any dietary requirements. Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescetarian, Paleo, low carb or Carnivore... 

Try making your own dressings instead of the bad sugar laden varieties to buy. Why would you make a healthy salad then add a Caesar dressing full of glucose syrup sugars to give your body that spike? 

Full fat yoghurt or Creme Fraiche works great mixed with lime juice, olive oil, salt and pepper with fish. Or fresh mashed mango with olive oil to add to a seeded salad with spinach and romaine lettuce. 

When being creative make sure to add your fats from either oily fish, olive oils, seeds, nuts, beans, chick peas or boiled eggs. 

Bulgar wheat or quinoa mixed in with rocket, mint, spinach, olives and tomatoes makes a delicious alternative for anyone who can eat wheat or grains. 

I choose either fish, feta, chick peas, seeds or avocado for my proteins and fats. But for those who love chicken, it will work great with any salad.

Go colourful and creative. Fruits and vegetables can be bursting with taste and flavour, if you give them the chance. 



Thursday, 8 August 2013


This scummy milkshake is perfect for first thing to kick start your metabolism and start you off for the day! Either before your run, bike session or gym work out. The combination of super antioxidant rich fruits, fats and coconut water will keep you satisfied and hydrated. Your workout will feel so energized without any slump.

1/2 Scoop Vegan blend protein (15g)
1x Pear
5x Strawberries
40g Blueberries
1/2 Beetroot (cooked)
1x tbs Creme Fraiche or
(1/2 avocado for non-dairy)
1x tsp Chia seeds
1x tbs Olive oil
100ml Vita Coconut water
50ml Water

(Low carbohydrate and low sugar followers-replace coconut water with more water)

Add chopped pear and fruits to a blender. Add the protein powder. Top with the creme fraiche, chia, olive oil and beetroot. Then pour in the waters. 

Blend on pulse or high setting until thoroughly smooth and like a milkshake texture.

Hope you enjoy