Thursday, 1 May 2014


Living a No Sugar No Grain lifestyle since the summer of last year, I have had the chance to experiment with different ingredients to fuel my running. 

These little gems are simple and easy to prepare and can be kept refrigerated until race day. 

Just a few teaspoons of this special blend during a long event or training run, will not only keep you energised and satisfied. it will tap into your fat burning mode and prevent any sugar crash or the need to keep fueling so often. 

I always use fats to fuel my running to start with, then add small amounts of carbohydrates and fruit sugar in the later stages.

Keep in a cool bag with your crew or supplies is ideal, but not essential. Small containers can easily be carried in your back pack with a spoon!

25g (heaped tsp) Grass fed butter (Kerrygold or Yeo Valley)
25g (heaped tsp) Virgin coconut oil
30g (2xtsp) Chia seeds
Half tsp Himalayan sea salt or similar
Half tsp Raw Cacao chocolate
Half tsp Maca powder
30g (2xtsp) Pine nuts
25g (heaped tsp) Chopped nuts
1xtsp Creamed coconut
1xtsp Dessicated coconut
25g (heaped tsp) Tahini
1xtsp MCT oil

This made one 7cm x 7cm container so I repeated the above recipe two more times to make three in total. 

Butter can be removed for plant powered and paleo runners. Just add more coconut oil in place.

Add the coconut oil, salt and butter to a small container, heat for 20 seconds in the microwave or over a just boiled kettle to melt. 

Organic Virgin Coconut oil

Grass fed butter

Chia seeds

Add the chia seeds, maca and raw cacao powder to the mix. 

Stir slowly 

Melted coconut oil and butter with powder added

Creamed coconut

Add the coconut cream, Dessicated coconut and MCT oil. 

Stir slowly.

Tahini-sea same paste 

Add chopped nuts to the blend

Add the Tahini and nuts.

Stir slowly 

Leave to set then pop in the fridge 

If you have not tried many of these ingredients already, it is best to experiment in small amounts with training first, to see how your body feels. 

In most cases runners experience staying in fifth gear and feeling very good throughout, but please, like any new nutrition regime, try in smaller amounts to see how your body responds.


Ultra Luke 

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  1. Ultra Luke, Glad I went back to your blog. I'll have to give this blend a try. So far have just gone with the Ucan, coconut oil, protein powder, and chia. But need to figure out keeping the stuff from going rancid on hot days. Hoping to catch more of your adventures. Cheers. Ru El


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